Working with Human Values in Design


This workshop at seeks to bring expertise from different perspectives on design to explore theoretical, methodological, and relational issues when working with values in design. The aim is to better conceptualize, understand and establish ways we can work more systematically and productively with human values in future designs.

Download full workshop proposal here: Working with Values.pdf (152 KB)

To participate in the workshop, submit a four page ‘best practice‘ description to workingwithvalues@gmail.com before June 5 th. July 30st , 2012. Read more here.

The workshop be held in conjunction with the Participatory Design Conference in Roskilde, Denmark 12- 16 August, 2012.

We hope to see you in Roskilde, Denmark on August 12th.

Geoffery Bowker

Judith Gregory

Ole Sejer Iversen

Tuck Wah Leong

Peter Wright

Workshop Goal